Stephen Surles

Associate Director, Global Data Operations
United Therapeutics Association
Linked In Profile

I solve business problems with technology. A geek at heart, a problem solver by passion, an entrepreneur by drive. I’ve made a career out of rescuing critical but neglected systems.

Principal Data Engineer with strong SQL and Integrations Software Development Experience (10+ years). Principal architect for a multitude of high profile applications and integrations including On-Site to Cloud migrations, Data Warehouse design, API design, and porting Legacy systems using a myriad of technologies: SQL, ETL, Azure, AWS, .NET .NET Core and much more.

I care deeply about compassion for the human condition; kindness, equality, and holding space for people to grow into their authentic selves. Currently pursuing a PhD IS with a focus on data science and analytics. My research area is Discrimination and Bias in Data Mining and Machine Learning.