Kirk Wroblewski

Linked In Profile

My passion is aimed at redefining the data experience at a company by better understanding the questions the business struggles to answer with the current data ecosystem.

This focus has allowed me to be successful in creating, launching, and operating products and global platforms that create a sustainable advantage leveraging innovative uses of data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for both healthcare and digital business transformations. This includes modernizing the data experience to include both human-consumable and analytics-ready forms of data based on persona and business needs, and mapping this to the optimized data solution to enable easy consumption.

A highly accomplished and solutions-focused CHIEF DATA AND ANALYTICS EXECUTIVE with domestic and international experience in program management, data enrichment, software engineering, data governance, total quality management, IT transformation, and strategic planning.

Recent experience leading the transition to a modern cloud data architecture leveraging a Lakehouse hub-and-spoke design pattern and adopting data fabric/mesh design principles to provide more business-consumable forms of enterprise data. This included rearchitecting the data delivery teams to incorporate data pipeline automation capabilities including DevOps/DataOps, airflow orchestration, Github actions, DBT and test automation leveraging synthetic test data.